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About Us


The BBM Publishing House offers quality writing, editing and content design work. We are a group of web designers, digital marketers, content creators and much much more. Contact us today and let us help you translate your message to the WORLD! 


  • Story Telling
  • Interviews
  • Written/Video Content
  • Brand Development
  • Target Email Marketing 
  • Creative Writing (Blogging, story boards, short films)
  • Editing/ Proofreading 
  • Web Design
  • Printing Services

Our vision at BBM Publishing House

Our Vision

To encourage and contribute to the manifestation of authentic and innovative ideas through business and creative arts. Support artist, musicians, authors, filmmakers in publishing their work and content to the world. Our vision is to push self-expression to its limits. Nurture and mature black/brown culture, black/brown entrepreneurship, black/brown artistic revelations.  

Collaboration and quality service provided by the team at BBM Publishing House.

Cultural Innovation

At the BBM Publishing House, we embody a grassroots organization that hopes to instill strong positive images to our supporters through creative content. We work to showcase black/brown culture on the grandest scale with a focus on originality and self-awareness. We are a company that reflects and perforates black and brown culture exclusively. 

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