Artist Akon and social activist Jesse Jackson discusses the importance of black Americans building and maturing business relationships with the African continent. How we can transform our global community by simply focusing on business growth and progress between African people. 

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Our mission is to teach the world about cannabis in the most effective way possible.

Our mission is to teach the world about cannabis in the most effective way possible.

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The importance of Community Development

Community development isn’t only about owning and maintaining infrastructure but it also starts with creating an environment that inspires innovative thoughts and creative solutions to our cultural disadvantages. We highlight those things and bring them to the eyes for those who are seeking the information. We all know it is hard to find positive stories in the media about our people, BBM Publishing will rectify this by curating what uplifts and shines through the cracks of social media and the World Wide Web. 

We believe developing our communities by owning the property, by harvesting our own vegetation and distributing it to the community will create a sense of pride and loyalty for our youth to build on. We should be encouraging our youth to change the circumstances in our neighborhoods. Create a sense of leadership and initiate plans/programs that help keep our communities safe and thriving. 

Community Activism

We have seen the idea of community and unity become a hot topic across the globe. Our disconnection from our people has made it difficult for the next generation to establish and innovate for the future. Despite the obstacles and road blocks we have seen some of the most unsuspecting individuals focus primarily on developing, aiding, and building the communities they come from and they encounter. We want to take our time to give those people the flowers before its too late. In honor of Nipsey Hussle we will share insight and innovative thinkers who engage with the community they come from. Take a look at Nipsey Hussle himself speaking on his journey and why he cares so much about the community that raised him. Rest Peacefully NIP

The Importance of International business

African Americans are in need of a substantial shift in ideology, this includes economic revolution, social justice and creating innovative ways to increase our relationships with black/brown people throughout the world. The beauty in the madness of racism is that it is routinely distributed througout the world to keep black/brown people in a powerless and hope less position. In order to combat this, we must recognize these divide and conquer tactics and create better, more effective pathways towards establishing a progressive global community. 

Introducing the Akoin: The Crytocurrency of africa

Cryptocurrency, has become a hot topic over the last 2 years. The boom of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash,  Ethereum,  and Litecoin has created a conversation about financial freedom that we have never had in our community. 

The most popular crypto currencies you should know!

The Hip Hop/Pop artist Akon has turned his platform into a viable alternative to changing the economic dynamic of the continent of Africa. He is preparing a launch of his crypto-currency Akoin. You want to find our more click the button below. Investments in crypto-currency is  categorized as "high-risk investment", do your own independent research before investing your money.

what do you know about Black crypto currency?

Learn more about Akoin

Akoin, Cryptocurrency introduced by the artist Akon.

Learn more about Guap

The Guap Coin, a black owned crypto currency that focuses on the empowering of the black community.