Our Journey to Financial Freedom

Seek Income that helps you live

Seek income that helps you live

Financial freedom comes on the backside of hard work. Finding opportunities in business or employment that helps grow your income will be the first step to successfully freeing yourself from financial debt and tribulations.  The Beginners Program at the Jay Morrison Academy offers an easy way to access the knowledge and skills to improve your credit and learn to invest and eliminate debt from your life. Enroll in the Beginners Program Today!

Free your self from debt

Free yourself from debt

Learning how to manage and eradicate your debt will free up your income and allow you the opportunity to invest and pursue alternative revenue streams. You can  learn  from  Finance  Professional William Roundtree often Jay Morrison Academy.

Learn to save a portion of your income

Learn o save a portion of your income

Saving money for big purchases, family vacations are important utilize apps like Mint to keep up with your spending habits, budgeting and savings. It is vital that you learn the difference between savings and investing. While both can help you achieve a more comfortable financial future, consumers need to know the differences and when it’s best to save and when it’s best to invest.

Protect yourself from financial castastrophe

Protect yourself from financial catastrophe

Being prepared for any and all financial issues that can arrive is vital to keeping your personal finances under control. Financial Literacy is important take the time to learn more about insurance and establishing emergency funding without going bankrupt in the process. 

Learn about investing

Learn about investing

Investments are significant in building wealth. The internet has opened up investing to everyone and it provides the safety and information needed to make sound investment decisions. Use apps like Acorn, Stash, RobinHood among others to learn ways to diversify your portfolio and build long-lasting wealth. 


Prioritize your family and relationships

Wealth is created through the ability to pass it on to the next generation. The most effective way to do that is to start a family. Teach family economics and to avoid divorce. Divorce in the black community creates a division and a lack in the ability to grow generational wealth. The Jay Morrison Academy offers a state of the art online education on Wealth Mastery. If you have an interest in business and learning techniques that will help you transform your family for generations click the button below and learn more about Wealth Mastery!