The Complete System of Self- Healing

 Unique, safe, practical and immediately effective, Internal Exercises energize the entire body, promote effective functions of the internal organs, dissolve stress and tension, prevent health problems, heal, regenerate, and do much more without strenuous exercises or equipment. Dr. Chang has devoted forty years of intensive research, experience, and meticulous selection to make sure that each technique is: 1) a genuine Taoist teaching 2) rooted in scientific research 3) proven to possess great healing value 4) completely natural 5) absolutely safe (no side-effects) and free from time or space limitations.  

meditation and self-healing

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Exploring Spirituality

We will break the barrier that says black folks don’t address mental health issues, we will examine and offer solutions to the years of constant trauma and mistreatment we have experienced as black Americans. We have been brainwashed and coerced into hating ourselves over generations. Hating the type of people we are or loathing the history we have been taught that we came from. In either scenario, the stories are being told from a perspective that does not have our best interest in mind. 

Here at BBM Publishing House, we work to transform that narrative and create conversations that uplift thought and preserve the idea of a trauma-free community. By Navigating ancient techniques of understanding self, in turn, we allow our people to gather the needed self-worth and confidence to properly engage in revolution. Nutritional revolution, physical and mental revolution and economic revolution are necessary commodities to our community. I hope we can help you learn and ultimately inspire you to apply these techniques. Through our health news curation and personal content from our team of writers we hope to bring much value to your lives. 

Here is a  great resource on why it is important for our people to engage in the meditation practice. 

Why Black Business People should Meditate (Black Enterprise) 

Black Zen

 Meditation dates back as far as African spirituality can go. Every religion on the planet in some form uses meditation as a spiritual tool to communicate and connect with the divine. 

  • There are several forms of mediation, some focus primarily on the body and others that work to draw a closer connection to the Most High 
  • "You are not your thoughts"
  • The mind in its purest form can be categorized as a wild animal
  • Gaining true Consciousness, means you have to let go of the mind
  • The mind is polluted with the past experiences and societal generated prejudices

The Reasoning (Wisdom, Knowledge & Overstanding)

Professor James Smalls Lectures on the true origin of African Spirituality. 


Eating to Heal

Eating to Live with BBM Publishing House

Learn more about Herbal diets and alkaline diets that serve and energize your body. Information directly from Dr. Sebi and his studies.

Equity and OWNERSHIP

Buy the Block

 Buy The Block allows investors make debt or equity investments in opportunities that were historically difficult to access. It presents an opportunity to invest with other connected investors, and provides the added benefit of giving each investor individual ownership in the “block.” 

Gardening for the SOUL

Soul Gro is a blog that focuses on promoting gardening within the black community.

Looking to add a beautiful garden to your home or in your community. Learn from an organization that is actively creating and sustaining HOME and COMMUNITY Gardens. Our blog showcases ideas, methods, tips to building, securing, maintaining and harvesting crops for your family and friends.