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Meet Seydou | Our new Contributor

By Seydou Dioukou - October 20, 2023
Meet Seydou | Our new Contributor


What you can look forward too:

1. Leveraging SaaS for Small Businesses: A Guide for Francophone Entrepreneurs - Discuss how French-speaking business owners in Mali can benefit from SaaS solutions.

2. Mastering Backend Development: Strategies for Creating Efficient and Scalable Systems - Provide tips and strategies for backend developers, emphasizing the importance of efficient coding.

3. Coding for Beginners: A Mali-Focused Approach - Introduce coding basics for novice business owners in Mali, emphasizing the practical application of coding skills.

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2024 is here and the world is constantly evolving. Our goal Web Dev “Unfiltered” is to provide valuable insight, tips, and strategies that help propel your business online. Our goal is truly to rewrite the narrative of our community. 

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